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A video project on South African Airway’s first Boeing 747 in the country: “Lebombo’s” 50th anniversary.

An opportunity presented itself when SAA Museum Society took to social media, encouraging the public to participate in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the arrival in South Africa of SAA’s first Boeing 747: “Lebombo” by attending their fair. The museum managed to acquire this particular aircraft after its retirement in 2004 so that it may be put on display for the public to enjoy long after its service life. Currently the aircraft stands in the display area, towering over all but its sister nearby (Boeing 747 SP-44 “Maluti”).

Like many other businesses, the museum took a strain during the pandemic. Particularly due to the non-profit requiring foot traffic to generate funds. Thus needing all the help they could get, great and small, I set out to help in the way I knew best: by creating a video that would hopefully increase foot traffic on the day. Video is more important than ever on social media. Due to its engagement, retention, awareness etc. this seemed like the best bet to help out.

The video that we created sought to reminisce in nostalgia, transitioning from the past. Specifically highlighting the moment everyone in South Africa can remember; when the deafening Lebombo roared above Ellis Park Stadium during the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final. Whether you were there in person, experienced it on TV, heard about it, or even born a decade after and watched it on Invictus, everyone knows of the moment this massive aircraft stirred a country’s heart.